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Welcome to our self-help centre.  Here you will find both local health information and NHS content and a selection of tools for health checks.

Choose Pharmacy - Common Ailment Scheme

The Common Ailment Service is a free NHS service that patients can access for advice and treatment of 26 conditions at your local Pharmacy, without needing to see a GP first.

What can be treated?

Acne Athletes Foot
Backache Chickenpox
Cold sores* Colic*
Conjunctivitis Constipation
Dermatitis Diarrhoea
Dry Eye Haemorrhoids
Hayfever Head lice
Indigestion/reflux Ingrowing toenail*
Intertrigo/ringworm Mouth ulcers
Nappy rash Oral thrush
Scabies Sore throat/tonsillitis
Teething Threadworm
Vaginal thrush Verruca

*advice only conditions - no treatment available on NHS – these are conditions when there is not sufficient evidence to support the use of medicines to treat on the NHS.

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CAV 24/7

The way you access the Emergency Unit has changed

CAV 24/7 is a new and innovative approach to how patients access urgent care within the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Traditionally, patients have been able to access the emergency department by walking into their local Emergency Unit (EU) or A&E. The ‘phone first’ system replaces this for non- emergencies with patients being encouraged to phone ahead and, if required, they will get a booked timeslot - saving precious time.

How does it work?
If you think you need to visit the Emergency Unit – but it’s not life or limb threatening – then you must phone first. Call CAV 24/7 on 0300 10 20 247.

Calls are taken by a call handler who takes the caller’s details; if it is a life or limb-threatening emergency the call handler will escalate the call to 999. If it is not an emergency, the call handler will log the call in the system for a suitable clinician to call the patient back. The service aims for a clinician to ring back within 20 minutes if it is classed as urgent, or within an hour if it is deemed less urgent. The caller will then be referred to the most appropriate service, in the right place, first time. If that is the Emergency Unit (EU) or the Minor Injuries Unit (MIU), the caller will be given a timeslot to attend.

What is a timeslot?

A timeslot is NOT an appointment. Timeslots are given in 30 minute intervals. So for example, you may be given a timeslot to attend our Emergency Unit of 10am-10.30am, this does not mean you will be seen at exactly 10am for 30 minutes, it means you’ll be seen in between the times although this could be longer if the Unit is busy. Watch our short animation for more information:

Long Covid Symptoms App

A COVID recovery app has been launched as part of wider support on offer for people experiencing the longer term effects of coronavirus.

With more than 100 videos and links to advice, app users will be able to record their symptoms, track their progress and learn to manage their condition at home with support. It includes advice from therapists, psychologists, dietitians and consultants.

Click the button below for more information and to download the app - available on Apple and Android devices

Long Covid App